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The Granary restaurant in Ranworth to close for business

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The Granary restaurant in Ranworth to close for business

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A charming eatery ensconced in a picturesque Norfolk Broads hamlet has declared its impending closure.

Steve and Penny Gray have been at the helm of a tearoom within The Granary at Ranworth for over a decade and a half but transitioned last year to an evening dining establishment.

They have now divulged that their conclusive dinner service will be on June 8, though the daytime tearoom will persist. The proprietors revealed that their "exceedingly arduous" choice to shutter the restaurant came when their "exceptional" head chef Anya Robinson announced her departure to advance her vocation. Miss Robinson, who commenced her tenure in April 2023 as the sous chef under Josh Mahoney, ascended to the head chef position at a mere 18 years of age after Mr. Mahoney vacated the role last summer.

Mr. and Mrs. Gray expressed: "We wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has lent their support and for the stellar reviews from our patrons.

"A profound appreciation to the Granary ensemble - both the frontline and those working behind the curtains - who have imbued dining in Ranworth with that extraordinary touch."

They further mentioned that The Maltsters pub, which they undertook in March, will continue to operate.
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