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Norfolk Broads Forum was established in May 2017 by a full-time Norfolk Broads continuous cruiser.
Living on the Norfolk Broads since 2014, I navigated these majestic ancient waterways and this was the main inspiration for a pro liveaboard Norfolk Broads Forum.
The Norfolk Broads network is quite vast and varied and there are indeed multiple Norfolk Broads Forums Facebook groups and almost a cult following to boating here.

Boating generally brings out the best in people, however, the Norfolk Broads is not without its own problems.
I have produced over 200 Norfolk Broads videos with the intention of promoting the Norfolk Broads in its positive light, although I firmly believe the negative aspects should equally be disseminated.

This is a strong motivation for creating this forum.

It is important for people to be aware of the pros and cons, especially if considering becoming a liveaboard, as the Norfolk Broads is the most anti-liveaboard marine environment I have ever encountered.
With an unelected and undemocratic Broads Authority, potentially dangerous hire boat industry, liveaboard discrimination and Norfolk Broads environmental concerns, it is only prudent to administer a forum as the Norfolk Broads is found. Censorship and moderation of the truths have never sat well with this forum.
This Norfolk Broads Forum is administered more like a blog with the intentions also of promoting this location.
Being able to navigate these waters especially fulltime has been a privilege from day one.
Whether you are looking for boats for sale on the Norfolk Broads, BMC 1.5/1.8 diesel engine manual or what has been updated on this Norfolk Broads Forum in the last 24 hours? You will find most of the information here, if not? ask!


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The Norfolk Broads 


 'In Norfolk, the obduracy of water has been the saving grace for the wildly beautiful north coast, the Broads and the river valleys.'

Mark Cocker

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