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Fiberglass Restoration and Boat Transformation on the Norfolk Broads

Articles and videos about boat restoration and maintenance.
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Fiberglass Restoration and Boat Transformation on the Norfolk Broads

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Fiberglass Restoration and Boat Transformation on the Norfolk Broads

Restoring a Broom Saturn Boat: A Comprehensive Guide to Fibreglass Repairs

If you're a regular visitor to this channel, you'll be familiar with the ongoing restoration project of the Broom Saturn boat. This vessel, salvaged from the top of the yard, has been undergoing a meticulous transformation to restore it to its former glory. In this article, we'll delve into the recent efforts to address a crucial aspect of the boat's integrity – the inspection hatch cover.

Unveiling the Challenge

The recent rough weather led the boat's owner to focus on the boat's interior, specifically the buoyancy chamber underneath. The plan was to replace the inspection hatch cover, ensuring the chamber's seal to maintain buoyancy. However, upon inspection, a concerning discovery was made – an abundance of hardened GRP filler covering the area. This prompted a closer look to understand what lay beneath.

Identifying the Issue

Upon closer examination, it became apparent that the buoyancy chamber had suffered damage, likely caused by a sliding battery over the years. A hole was observed, requiring a thorough repair to ensure the chamber's functionality. To address this, a decision was made to undertake a fibreglass repair, enhancing the strength and watertightness of the chamber.

The Fibreglass Repair Process

To commence the repair, the damaged area was opened up using a file sander. The revealed damage indicated the need for a robust repair. The next step involved the application of fibreglass and polyester resin to reinforce the damaged section. The resin, though brittle on its own, becomes formidable when combined with fibreglass. The excess resin was used to ensure a strong and durable repair.

Applying the Finishing Touch

After allowing the repair to set for a few days, the next phase involved sanding down the cured fibreglass, creating a smooth surface. Subsequently, a flow coat was applied to seal the repair, providing a polished and waterproof finish. The meticulous process ensured that the repaired section not only met but exceeded its original strength.

Tips for DIY Boat Repair Enthusiasts

For those embarking on similar boat restoration projects, it's crucial to source quality materials. The polyester resin used in this project was obtained from CFS Fiberglass, offering cost-effective solutions compared to local suppliers. Similarly, the flow coat came from East Coast Fibreglass, a company known for outstanding customer service.

Diversifying the Restoration Efforts

While waiting for the fibreglass repair to cure, the boat owner seized the opportunity to share additional aspects of the ongoing restoration. From repainting the Norfolk Broads boat to preparing replacement panels for another vessel, the article explores the multitasking involved in comprehensive boat restoration.

Looking Ahead

As the boat inches closer to completion, plans for the summer include readying a speedboat for the younger family members. The article details the transformation of a retro Honda 75 B75 twin-cylinder four-stroke engine and an '80s Mercury 7.5HP electric start engine. The meticulous restoration and preparation ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.


This article provides a glimpse into the intricate process of restoring a Broom Saturn boat, focusing on a vital fibreglass repair. The dedication to detail, choice of quality materials, and the simultaneous restoration of multiple vessels showcase the expertise and passion driving this ongoing project. Stay tuned for more updates on this captivating journey into boat restoration on the Norfolk Broads.
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