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Nanni Diesel Engine £1250. Sold

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Nanni Diesel Engine £1250. Sold

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10hp Nanni 2.45 ECO.
2 cylinder.
40 Gearbox
Maximum 3600 RPM.

This is a 2011 engine that has sat unused for the past 8 years.

It has had very little usage and still carries the original belt and oil filter.

100% fresh water usage on the Norfolk Broads.

I have started the engine and can confirm it starts and runs perfectly.

I have the instrument panel and loom and this engine is ready for fitting.

I would recommend a full service before fitting including changing all fluids in engine and gearbox.

I removed this from a much smaller boat to fit in my own project but I have chosen to go for an electric inboard.

The engine is on a wheeled trolley and can be collected at Wayford Bridge NR12 9LL.

It weighs 91kgs so too people can easily lift into a van or similar.

Buyer can arrange their own courier if needed, however, full payment will be required in advance of collection.

Thr engine can be seen running if required.
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