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Green Candidate Proposes Ban on Petrol Boats in the Broads

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Green Candidate Proposes Ban on Petrol Boats in the Broads

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Whilst there is potential for electric vessels on the Norfolk Broads, the idea of banning boats with fossil fuel engines is total lunacy.
The technology is in no way further developed than in 1846 as the same issue persists and that is distance.
It failed on the roads and now as a result electric car sales are plummeting, especially secondhand vehicles.
The infrastructure for charging boats does not and won't ever exist on a grand scale, it is a fallacy.
The sheer financial cost of converting most boats to electric is in most cases more than the value of the boats in the first place.
The notion of there being thousands of boats plugged into the national grid is an environmental disaster as the marinas would be huge battery cells with boats rotting all others with electrolysis.

More emphasis should be placed on preventing farming chemicals/pesticides from entering the waterways and stopping raw sewage from entering the rivers. Returning the bins to public moorings and staithes. Banning fossil fuel boats is like banning plastic bags at supermarkets It's a load of hypocrisy as every single item you buy in a supermarket is wrapped in plastic but you have to buy a bag as they all know you cant carry anything out of the shop without a bag.
Green Candidate Advocates Prohibition on Petrol Boats in the Broads

Jan Davis, an aspirant for parliamentary representation in the Broadland district, has pledged to "ban" petrol and diesel-powered boats on the Broads upon election.

Davis, the Green Party nominee, articulated that these combustion engines must be "phased out" to safeguard the aquatic environments.

The Broads Authority has previously expressed a preference to incentivize boaters to transition from petrol and diesel vessels to electric alternatives, though it harbors no intentions of outrightly banning fossil fuel-powered boats.

Mr. Davis remarked, "This locale is an exceptional place to reside, yet it suffers from sewage discharge and the seepage of chemical compounds into our watercourses. Undoubtedly, fossil fuel boats must be phased out and subsequently banned.

"There exists a significant potential for eco-tourism here. Individuals would be inclined to pay a premium for an electric boat, as it offers a quieter experience and enhances wildlife observation."
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