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Halcyon 23 For Sale £1250

Boats for sale on the Norfolk Broads. Marine engines, Trailers, Chandlery. Dinghies, Canoes & Kayaks.
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Halcyon 23 For Sale £1250

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Offers are invited for this sailboat.
Please note I bought this boat as I will be removing the inboard engine over the next few days.
Therefore be aware that the boat is being sold as a project and will require another inboard or an outboard attached.
The sailboat interior is the main project zone of this vessel as it stood with rainwater for some time.
The cushion foam has been saved but the upholstery covers have not.
The flooring will need replacing in the fore cabin and so too will the board covers for two single berths.
It is capable of sleeping four.
There is a sea toilet and a sink.
The boat comes with a mast, boom and rigging.
The sails are included.
There are five sails, one is very recent.
All rigging is there.
The boat is fitted with a tabernacle but no a-frame is fitted.
Tiller included.
Storage is paid up until the end of September 2024.
Viewing is possible anytime and the boat is currently stored at Wayford Bridge NR12 9LL.
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