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Loddon Staithe Bridge

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Loddon Staithe Bridge

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A Broads footbridge, dormant and neglected for over ten years, might soon be revitalised.

Is it a bridge too far or just a total waste of money?
The bridge does not have any value or need so personally I think it is a waste of money and funds could be spent on improving mooring facilities instead.

The crossing at the Staithe in Loddon, spanning the River Chet to the Millennium Garden, was shuttered by South Norfolk Council over safety qualms.

Accessible to the public since the 1960s, the bridge saw its closure more than a decade past.

However, during a Loddon Town Council convocation, it was resolved that Love Loddon Community Group Councillors would confer with the South Norfolk Council asset officer on June 7 to deliberate on plans for its refurbishment or substitution.

Lurking beneath the visibly dilapidated wooden span is a water conduit, owned by Anglian Water, which has complicated the repair process for the authorities.

A representative from South Norfolk Council articulated: "South Norfolk Council is collaborating with the Environment Agency and the Broads Authority to chart a path forward for the bridge.

"The council is also seeking a contractor to undertake the work once a consensus is achieved on the methodology for the repairs.”
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