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My Boat

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My Boat

Post by TNT »

Hi i am a new member to the group but I have an Horizon 35 and and would like to know if anybody knows what the deck is constructed with as i have a few soft spots when i walk around the outside. I can see fibre glass on the inside which is ok in thinking there maybe plywood in between the top an bottom lays would i be right thinking this.
Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Re: My Boat

Post by NBF »

Most likely plywood...it is very common with ex-hire particularly.
There is a lady at Wayford with an Aquafibre 42 with exactly the same issues. She is currently working around the boat's deck opening it up and replacing it with a special type of foam board which is as tough as old boots, solid and completely waterproof. It is designed especially for boat decks.
Where deck fittings are you can use what I think is called an E-plate which has multiple epoxy layers making a very durable backing plate.

However, ripping up all the decking is a massive job so it may just be in your interest to have something injected in between the deck layers which can be done in an afternoon.

You can see it in the following link.
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