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Unlocking the Secrets of Boat Maintenance Epoxying and Fibreglassing the Bilge Keels

Articles and videos about boat restoration and maintenance.
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Unlocking the Secrets of Boat Maintenance Epoxying and Fibreglassing the Bilge Keels

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Unlocking the Secrets of Boat Maintenance: Epoxying and Fibreglassing the Bilge Keels in Norfolk Broads

Welcome to the scenic Norfolk Broads in February 2021, where the tranquil beauty of the landscape meets the challenges of boat maintenance. In this article, we'll delve into the meticulous process of epoxying and fiberglassing the bilge keels, a critical task for protecting your boat against corrosion and external elements.

The Setting

As we embark on this journey, the backdrop is a chilly Norfolk morning, showcasing the Boatyard's F-end. Despite its picturesque appearance, this location is not without its challenges, especially when it comes to performing the intricate task of epoxying the bilge keels.

The Winter Challenge

The undertaking has been delayed due to the harsh winter conditions, making it too cold and wet to execute the job effectively. The anticipation builds as we await a break in the weather, essential for a seamless application of epoxy on the boat's vulnerable areas.

The Process Unveiled

Today's mission is to epoxy the bilge keels, a task postponed due to the adverse weather conditions. The challenge lies in the meticulous work required, especially in the claustrophobic interior of the boat. Grind, epoxy, and meticulous detailing are on the agenda.

Fiberglassing for Strength

Once the epoxying is complete, the next step involves applying fibreglass over the bilge keels. This is not just any fibreglass; it's a strategic combination of strand and woven fibreglass and traditional fibreglass. The synergy of these materials enhances the epoxy's strength, providing a robust shield for the boat.

The Weather Dilemma

The extended timeline for this project is attributed to the relentless winter, with constant rain hindering progress. The urgency arises from the impending boating season, just five weeks away. However, the weather conditions have not been favourable, putting the deadline in jeopardy.

Navigating Challenges

Navigating the challenges of epoxying and fiberglassing in tight spaces requires ingenuity. The intricacies of using an angle grinder, hot air gun, and meticulous cleaning with acetone come to the forefront. The transcript reveals the expert's decision to apply underwater sealant for added protection.

Progress Amidst Difficulties

While one side progresses smoothly, the other presents a significant challenge. The interior of the bilge keels demands special attention, contemplating the need for professional assistance or unconventional solutions to ensure a clean surface for epoxy application.

Layers of Defense

Witness the application of layers of epoxy, followed by the delicate process of adding the first layer of strand woven fibreglass. The difficulties in working with this specialised material are apparent, requiring a shift in approach compared to conventional fibreglass applications.

Weather-Dependent Progress

Days pass, and the weather takes a turn for the better. The intricate process continues under clear skies, with the boat owner opting for a pragmatic approach, adjusting the original plan of three layers to two due to the challenging nature of the task.

Sealing the Deal

The project nears completion as the epoxy and fibreglass layers seal the metal surfaces effectively. Despite some messy moments, the boat's bilge keels are now ready for the final stages of painting and finishing.

Challenges and Costs

The boat owner candidly discusses the challenges faced during the project, from weather constraints to the complexities of working with specialised materials. The investment, both in time and money, becomes evident, emphasising the essential nature of this maintenance for a steel boat.

The Final Stretch

As the boat nears completion, attention turns to the edges and critical areas that require additional protection. The application of underwater sealant, epoxy, and fibreglass ensures a comprehensive defence against corrosion and potential impacts from foreign objects in the water.


In conclusion, the journey to epoxy and fibreglass the bilge keels unveils the dedication and expertise required for boat maintenance. Despite the weather-induced setbacks, the boat owner remains optimistic about meeting the upcoming boating season deadline. This meticulous process, though challenging, is a testament to the commitment to preserving and enhancing the lifespan of a steel boat. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative boat maintenance project.
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