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48 hour moorings?

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48 hour moorings?

Post by Miles » October 14th, 2017, 11:33 am

I was reading an article about winter boating on the Broads and I have wondered why so many private boats don't for years.
The BA are looking into increasing the moorings to 48 hours on the southern rivers.
I have to say as a continuous cruiser I don't recommend this.
Furthermore, I read this too:
Heating is on the boats and when moored guests can access electric hook-ups for heating, so no engines need to run.”
That's totally crap, the engines will be running throughout the night. I had one in Beccles till 2 am once.
There is no need at all to increase the moorings to 48 hours. Hire boats are all enclosed, it's only the likes of sailing boats that have to go out into the freezing winds. Most people are tucked up in a cosy cockpit. If the hire boats want to promote winter boating? Then I would recommend opening up their boatyards so they can run their engines all night in there. I am sure that would work lovely with diesel engines thumping through the dark winter hours.

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