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Boaters Get Shafted Once More By Parking Ticket Machine.

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Boaters Get Shafted Once More By Parking Ticket Machine.

Post by Miles » September 27th, 2017, 1:50 pm

I can totally appreciate that a mooring needs to be maintained but let's face it, can we really be expected to believe that the maintenance would cost £280 per month?
Well, that is what the machine would generate if it was used every night by just one boat to moor up.
Surely a donation box would be far more in keeping with the Norfolk Broads.
Further more, in my opinion this must be illegal as the landowner has no legal right to impose fines.
Next we will all be getting boat clamped.
It just seems to me that as a boater you are increasingly being forced to bend over and touch your toes while another corporate cock sucker milks as much money out of boaters as possible.
How about this?
I have paid my tolls, I am insured and got safety certification, how about you shove your cash till grabbing b*lls**t and leave people to enjoy the Broads rather than rip off everyone.

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Re: Boaters Get Shafted Once More By Parking Ticket Machine.

Post by nimue » October 25th, 2017, 4:03 pm

We saw this machine and assumed it was for the car parking it was placed in front of.
There was also a sign stating that the mooring fee would be collected.
We don't mind paying occasionally for a good location with services, but I'm very reluctant to stick my bank card into some random machine with no one around to assist if it goes wrong.

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