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The Ranworth Outrage

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The Ranworth Outrage

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So apparently the extortionate £10 mooring fee at Ranworth is not for 24 hour mooring but just until 10am the following day. So if you moor up at 5 o'clock for a pub meal and stay over night exceeding the 10am threshold, then you will have to pay an additional £5 totaling £15.

So on top of paying twice the interest rate Broad's tolls for ridiculous justifications which fail to add up or make sense, you can expect to be nailed again when you visit Ranworth.

My advice would be to mud weight on the broad, paddle in on your inflatable and moor up on the day boats slip and promptly send a clear message to the Broads Authority that they can stick their cash cow up their heat exchanger.

When the moorings remain empty during the high season, the idiot who came up with the idea of ripping people off at moorings might have the realisation that they have diminished public opinion of the BA even more.

Now if the BA wanted to charge people a tenner after overstaying 24 hours then that would make sense...but this system is just taking the p***.
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