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Norfolk Broads Hire Boats - The True Cost To Other Boaters

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Norfolk Broads Hire Boats - The True Cost To Other Boaters

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The speaker is discussing their concerns about the damage caused by hire boats to private boats on the Broads. They acknowledge that hiring boats is a wonderful idea and creates great memories for holiday-goers, but they believe that hire boat companies are not taking responsibility for their craft and are passing on conditions to private boat owners that could be fatal. They express three main concerns: there are too many hire boats, the hire boats are too big for the Broads, and people renting the boats do not receive enough instruction. They share their personal experiences of being damaged by hire boats and dealing with the companies for compensation. They also mention another incident where a private boat was physically rammed by a hire boat, and express frustration that the people driving the hire boat did not stop. They argue that private boat owners are facing unfair conditions and are seeing a lot of damage. They state that it has reached a point where leaving a private boat unattended on a public mooring is risky. They plan to make a video to raise awareness and support other boat owners in pursuing compensation from hire boat companies. They propose that hire boats should be limited to a certain size and that larger boats should require a professional skipper. They invite others to share their experiences and opinions on the matter.
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