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Challenge Against The Broads Authority

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Challenge Against The Broads Authority

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Very interesting case this and as ambiguous as it may initially appear...it is far from it.

Without going into great detail as this is an ongoing case. This individual who is also a landowner of a considerable 48 acres of riverside land is challenging the Broads Authority down to simple interpretation of riparian laws.
A legal dispute between a boat owner and the Broads Authority regarding mooring in a dyke has escalated to court proceedings.

John Royal contests the requirement to pay tolls for mooring near his residence at Wayford Bridge, close to Stalham.

Tolls are mandated for vessels kept or operated within the Broads Authority's navigation area or neighboring waters.

Presenting his case at Norwich Magistrates’ Court, Royal argued that the authority's regulations permitted his use of the adjacent Long Dyke, situated off the River Ant.

Expressing regret over the situation, he emphasised the matter's principle. He entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of mooring his auxiliary yacht, Tilly, without toll payment on May 30 the previous year.

The disagreement hinges on the definition of adjacent waters and the obligation of landowners or adjacent residents to pay mooring tolls, as per court discussions.

Royal contests the interpretation of the rules. The case is scheduled for February 3.
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