YouTube Channel Addition.

An extension of the YouTube channel for contact, photos & updates etc.
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High Seas

YouTube Channel Addition.

Post by High Seas » June 28th, 2017, 7:28 pm

I decided to add this section to the Norfolk Broads Forum as there is a surplus of photos and information that never gets added to my YouTube videos.
I have closed the door on Facebook so I have created this section to be able to interact with subscribers and viewers outside of social media.
Creating and editing videos can be a difficult job on a boat due to wifi restrictions so it is often easier to upload a couple of photos and a little dialogue.
I have been quiet in that department as since launching this forum, my laptop and my smartphone died so I am off to Norwich by boat to replace these items and get the show back on the road.
Most annoying is an otter took a goose right by my boat in Hoveton the other day and I saw a snake for only the second time at Burge Castle but sadly nothing worked to record it all........time to spend some money.
I should not complain really as the phone lasted three bilge swims and recorded every episode of High Seas.

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