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Wroxham Behind Railway Bridge.

Any security or safety issues regarding the Broads waterways.
Obstacles, vandalism, thefts, trees down etc.
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Wroxham Behind Railway Bridge.

Post by Miles » June 5th, 2017, 12:27 pm

I should have taken a photo of this one but the idea of this forum category had not occurred to me at the time. I will update later on this month with such images if still needed.
If you travel through Wroxham bridge, go passed the Hoveton St John moorings on the right, sorry starboard and journey through the railway bridge and passed the Broad turning on the left you will come across a stretch on the port side where a lot of tree work has been done. Approximately half way along on the left is a tree which is out on its own a little.
Right by there is a nasty piece of wood sticking up at an angle just below the surface.
If you were coming from the other direction and a little too close to the bank you could do yourself some damage on it. It actually looked a little like a stake.

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Re: Wroxham Behind Railway Bridge.

Post by High Seas » June 22nd, 2017, 10:14 am

The new ranger, Andy (that is four Andys now) came and pulled it out, it was a good 12 feet long and was a danger. Nice job!

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