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Damage That Fishing Does.

All posts relating to environmental issues of the Norfolk Broads.
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Re: Damage That Fishing Does.

Post by Waylander » December 4th, 2017, 2:25 pm

Or fishermen don't know about the wheels under our boats that drive us along the bottom of the river! I kid ye not, I heard a bloke in a day boat explaining to the lady with him that you push that lever forward and the boat goes forward, pull it back and it goes backwards! When she said " how?" He said " there are wheels under neath the boat and it drives along tracks like you see trams and fairground rides doing!" No word of a lie! That's what he said! They were tied above Wroxham rail bridge at the time and I was sitting in my deck chair on the Dec watching the world go by!

Let the world flood! I live on a boat! :lol:

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