What's The Best Antifoul?

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What's The Best Antifoul?

Post by High Seas » December 5th, 2017, 4:14 pm

I antifouled my boat in 2014 with International fresh water version and it worked a treat for more than 3 years. With the ice last year, it is now long overdue for a reissue, for want of better words.
The reason why I mentioned that is because we antifouled our other boat with a Broad's version which was around £25 and to be quite fair, I think it failed miserably.
Can anyone recommend a product at all as it would be nice to know I could get a couple of seasons out of it and also if you use a brackish or predominantly salt water version is it environmentally okay for such places as canals and rivers?

Liveaboard or liveathome?.....that is the question

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