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Alternator controllers

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Rick H

Alternator controllers

Post by Rick H » November 29th, 2017, 8:25 pm

Hi waylander I obviously can't reply to the thread on nbf , but that said I have set up the sterling alternator controller ie the type that requires a bit of soldering or in some cases not , either way its very simple and fully explained , if your alternator is within guarantee then obviously caution would be needed of not I can't see a problem alternator's are very basic units really , if yiu have a Bosch or a Lucas A127 unit then you only need to get at the voltage regulator which is a few screw's and doesn't involve splitting the unit at all , for the sake of a few minutes work and 200mm of 10amp cable yiu save the thick end £150 .
What the actually do is charge the battery's at a higher voltage and you set that to suit the battery's be they open lead acid or gell etc , the fact that they charge at a higher voltage does nothing but good , it stop's the plates getting covered in crap , yiu do nerd to keep an eye on the levels as any fast charging costs water ie electrolyte though in practice mine only need topping up a tiny bit once every 6 months , the major advantage of such systems is that they allow yiu to use all the capacity of the battery as they charge much better than a standard alternator will ever do .
I would be very careful putting diodes in the circuit as alternator controllers are much much more sophisticated than just that involving microprocessors etc + the various senders , once you fit one yiu can look forward to faster charged , better charged , more efficient , and longer lasting battery's , , I've 8 battery's onboard hence a serious expense and all corseted by my brilliant tiny alternator controller .
OK enough of sounding like a sterling rep but seriously they are very good .

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Re: Alternator controllers

Post by Waylander » November 29th, 2017, 8:39 pm

Have replied on the other site. But basically now I know how they work I shall be saving for the standalone sterling unit. My alternator is already charging the batteries down the thickest cable on the boat.... The starter motor positive cable! And the short cable from the very big terminal on the alternator to the starter cable is as thick as I can get on and all my terminals are crimped then soldered in place ditto the battery terminals as I try to build everything heavy duty into my boats.... The alternator has been rebuilt so many times in this boat's life I couldn't tell you what make it is now! But the stand alone is the way I will go. I check my battery fluid levels every 2 weeks along with all the aged engine checks and even with the sterling battery charger my levels have never really dropped although I do have a slightly sick battery... My extra domestic battery was formerly my electric outboard battery but due to fishing twine getting round it's prop and the seal going so causing the flooding of the motor then shorting of the control box which led to heating of the battery and early retirement of my electric outboard and change of use for its battery! Long winded it that but I wrote it like that because that's how it happened all in a oner of panic! I shall be replacing it next pension day.... Another visit to boulters!
So, thank you for your advice and I shall be following your recommendations!
Let the world flood! I live on a boat! :lol:

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