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Stern On Mooring In The Wind Tip

This moorings section is for any posts relating to the mooring of boats on the Norfolk Broads and this includes the north and south Norfolk Broads.
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High Seas

Stern On Mooring In The Wind Tip

Post by High Seas » September 10th, 2017, 12:16 pm

I have been watching people today trying to moor up stern way in the breeze and really struggling to get their vessels in without the boats quickly facing the wrong direction and hitting other boats, namely mine.
Firstly, it only takes a small breeze to really diminish your ability to moor a boat successfully. That is side on too and not just stern on.
Before you come into to dock and your boat is pretty much lined up for mooring, just drop your mud weight, just as if you were stationary and on a wild mooring. It is important to do this when the boat is completely stopped so as to get a taught mud weight line.
If you then reverse in you will have far more control over the vessel when you jump on land and will not suffer so much to the wind blowing your boat off course.

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