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B.A. Clashes With Thorpe Council

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B.A. Clashes With Thorpe Council

Post by Miles » November 6th, 2018, 8:00 pm

Concerns about how the Broads Authority handled a council’s complaint could be submitted to a government review into national parks
I was always puzzled by this particular staithe, even more so after the whole Jenner's Basin ordeal.

The notorious eviction, which was always denied as being an exercise in ethnic cleansing by the B.A, however, it left a riverside property being sold for next to nothing. Ultimately, somebody benefited financially through what appeared as heavy handed and quite oppressive in nature by the B.A.

Immediately after all this the staithe posted no mooring signs and if you actually wanted to, then you had to phone someone up at the council and get permission.

Bizarre, I know but the whole Broads is bonkers at times.
Thorpe St Andrew Town Council said a £12,000 report commissioned by the authority last year had undermined its ability to manage River Green off Yarmouth Road
Now it turns out the Broads Authority has forked out £12,000 only to find out the council don't have the right to manage the River Green in the first place.

Rather a lot of dosh that and I can't help but wonder why on Earth money is being funnelled into such pursuits.

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