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TREEmendous Cock-Up!

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TREEmendous Cock-Up!

Post by Miles » December 7th, 2018, 2:18 pm

The Broads Authority has also had to apologise after wrongly granting permission to cut down trees at the site, despite having no jurisdiction over the land.
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It would appear that there has been a TREE tremendous cock up in the Broads Authority with regards to telling some geezer he was okay to cut down some trees when in fact they had no authority to say either way in the first place.

Everybody makes mistakes, I prefer to call them lessons but replacing trees is not something you can do with a paintbrush and some Polyfilla.

I think what could be learnt here from the Broad Authority's perspective is maybe wind your neck in a bit and stop running around Broadland like the Gestapo....just an opinion...what do I know? :roll:


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