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New Forum Design For New Year.

Technical Q&A about using this Norfolk Broads Forum.
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New Forum Design For New Year.

Post by Dances With Otters » January 15th, 2018, 1:46 pm

Thought I would go for a new forum design for the new year.
I am very pleased with the forum since it's launch in the summer of 2017.
I was initially focused on member numbers but I see that it does not really have to work that way as this website has had over 150,000 hits since June last year which is quite epic.
Sadly, I did have to remove a couple of members which I get no pleasure out of doing at all.
I do describe the forum as being a source of more open speech but I am not going to put up with people being abusive and neither should I.
Probably made the right decision though as one of the people who got removed thought it funny to register me on a gay website, so at least they had a sense of humour if not any manners. So, there you have it but a big sorry to that ex-member as I am not that type of sailor :D .
So here is to another fluid year, free from online prejudice, abuse and trolls and the new season is approaching wherever you plan on spending it. :D :D :D
I can tell as the days are getting longer.

⛵ Life is short, even on its longest day ⛵

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