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wood-burner flue/chimney

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wood-burner flue/chimney

Post by Terry » July 6th, 2017, 12:55 am

Could anyone here, who actually has a wood-burner aboard, offer me some advice on their flue/chimney arrangement, please?
Does it have to be twin-walled, or will well-insulated single-wall be ok? I have a large roll of wrap intended for performance exhausts near the manifold that I'm thinking will do what I want.
What about at the point where the flue passes through the deck fitting? Insulate it [the flue] right up to the fitting, inside and outside the boat?
Assuming all good so far, how close to the cabin wall can the insulated flue run, and can this be lessened by lining the area with some fire-retardant material? (fireboard?)
I'm getting tired of being damp, and I'm sitting here looking at this damn stove wanting to get it up and running...
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High Seas

Re: wood-burner flue/chimney

Post by High Seas » July 9th, 2017, 7:13 pm

Its not something that you can get right first time, I am still testing ideas.
Where the flue meets the roof is the area that tests me the most, it can get a bit hot.
Insulate the tits out of the flue and have it so in as much surface area possible.
If you can fabricate a heat shield to stop the through roof area taking the nuke then that is a big plus.
Why you getting so much damp now? Are your bilges moist?

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