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Kicked Off The Broads Authority

There is always a lot of events happening on the Norfolk Broads and here you can post or read any topics relating to Norfolk Broads news.
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Kicked Off The Broads Authority

Post by Dances With Otters » October 3rd, 2018, 3:06 pm

A businessman has been kicked off the Broads Authority after an investigation into comments on his blog.
Can you believe this?

The Broads Authority kicked this James Knight bloke of because of his comments on his own personal blog.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

James Knight has written some very interesting blog posts, one that really caught my attention was one when he spoke against the heavy handed planning permissions B*l*o*k* about liveaboards at private moorings. It was so well written it just blew the system out of the water.
Definition of liveaboard
1 : a person who lives on a boat
2 : a boat suitable for a person to live on
What pisses me off is they hired a frigging barrister too, FFS use the tolls money to dredge the frigging Broads not chase after people who speak their minds.
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