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Boat Safety Test Examiner Warning

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Boat Safety Test Examiner Warning

Post by Dances With Otters » June 19th, 2018, 4:52 pm

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If you are due a boat safety test or are buying a boat under the conditions that it comes with a BSC and this chap is conducting the test........Patrick Snell.

My advice to you is NOT.

If Mr. Patrick Snell has any problems with me posting this topic? Then I personally welcome him to pay me a visit at any time and I will gladly explain my disappointment with his services and I will also gladly explain to anyone why this individual should not be testing boat safety.

From my own personal perspective I refer to a test he conducted in 2014 and would strongly advise all regulatory bodies to fully examine this individual.

Furthermore, if any readers have had a test from this individual then I would strongly suggest that your boat may in fact not be safe at all.

Mr. Snell, feel free to contact me anytime and I would love to discuss this matter with you.
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