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Post by Miles » December 5th, 2018, 7:52 pm

I have just been messaged this Twitter post which is doing it's rounds on all forums and social media.

Now, why is there a ranger and the Police targeting a flash boat speeding with no tolls/boat safety on the south broads? This may have just come in from the sea and was doing less than two miles per hour over the speed limit.
Throughout the summer there were boat wrecks moored up at Sutton for months, not days or weeks but months. Not tolled, not insured and a danger to other boats and the environment.
There have been boats burnt to the ground just off Barton Broad.
A houseboat sinking after squatting and mooring illegally on the broads.
Epic fly tipping from same individuals.
Now the point here is that possibly thousands of people have seen these vessels over the past few months knowing damn well they had no business being there in the first place and also that they were a threat to the environment and other boaters.....yet nothing was done.
Now, there is one burnt out, one sunk polluting the rivers and another overstaying just about everywhere.
Surely, the authorities efforts could be better directed to current ongoing problems rather than some idiot speeding in a mostly deserted river in the midst of winter.
Just an opinion.
If it was a boat from outside the Norfolk Broads, it wouldn't have needed a boat safety. If it was untolled and Broads registered then the BA would know about it already. If it is from outside the Broads? Then where can they get visitor tolls from in the winter? And what about the overwhelming percentage of hire boats in the summer that speed and go unchallenged.
This is simply quite ridiculous! :oops:

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