Broom Boats launches floating B&B

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Broom Boats launches floating B&B

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Broom Boats inaugurates a buoyant Bed and Breakfast experience on the serene waters of the Norfolk Broads. With a nautical legacy spanning over one hundred and twenty years in the heart of Brundall, this boating enterprise is embarking on an innovative venture to sustain its operations through the winter months.

The brainchild of Broom Boats involves the transformation of their holiday cruisers into a "floating B&B," providing guests with an opportunity to revel in the tranquillity of waterside slumber, coupled with delectable home-cooked morning repasts. The unique setup involves mooring these vessels at the White Heron pub, formerly known as the Yare pub, a recent acquisition by the company, where guests can savour a delightful breakfast each dawn.

Ryan Day, the Holiday and Commercial Director, expressed that this novel endeavour is a strategic move to optimise the utility of their boats during the off-season, steering away from the conventional practice of stowing them away.

"In light of a challenging year, our focus has been on introducing novel and exhilarating offerings, diversifying our portfolio to craft distinct guest experiences. Typically, our boats remain dormant in the winter, but this initiative allows us to sustain year-round operations, presenting a substantial uplift," remarked Mr. Day.

Established in 1898, this maritime enterprise has a rich history of metamorphosis. Originating as a bespoke boat manufacturer catering to the elite, it transitioned into the business of leasing its fleet to vacationers in 1912.

Recently, the company has incorporated a plethora of contemporary luxuries into its boats, ranging from WiFi connectivity and dishwashers to the indulgence of Netflix streaming. The acquisition of The White Heron, marked a significant expansion of their business dimensions, adding a pub to their repertoire.

Despite confronting arduous circumstances, Mr. Day conveyed optimism about the venture's trajectory. "Like every public house across the nation, we grapple with shared challenges—decreasing patronage with disposable income, escalating costs spanning beverages, food, and staffing. As a community-oriented establishment, our primary focus is to strike a delicate equilibrium. We curate an affordable menu and stock a diverse range of beers, transcending the realm of exorbitant offerings."

In essence, Broom Boats navigates not only the waterways of Norfolk Broads but also the currents of innovation and adaptation, fortifying its standing as a venerable maritime entity with a penchant for reinvention.
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