Norfolk Broads Hire Boat Images

Norfolk Broads hire boat images fill the waterways up during high season. Here are some photographs of popular boats seen on the rivers.

Double moored hire boatHire boat double moored up at Wayford Bridge public moorings.

This is not advised at moorings unless permission is stated.

These moorings are on the River Ant.

Herbert Wood’s ‘Magical Light’ hirecraft leaving Sutton Staithe. This is a popular and narrrow spot. Collisions are very common and leaving your boat unattended is ill-advised. There are water and electric points here.

Norfolk Broads Hire BoatsOne of the larger Norfolk Broads hire boats available on the Norfolk Broads. This is Brinks Rhapsody which is a hybrid boat offered by Barnes Brinkcraft. The boats in the above photo are moored at Richardson’s boat yard.

Two of Richardson’s hire boats turning around at Sutton Staithe.

These boats are decades old and have taken a bashing over the years.

Notice that the fenders are still hanging down the sides of all the boats.

This is a Richrdson’s hire boat moored up opposite Banks Boats on public moorings. Many will stop here to visit the Wayford Bridge Inn. This is not the end of the navigation as Dilham is the very last stop, however, Wayford Bridge is a low one and many boats will not be able to pass through. You will not need a bridge pilot though.

Norfolk Broads Hire Boat

‘Clear Horizon’ is another Richardson’s hire boat. These type of boats are the budget end of boating on the Norfolk Broads. Reversing is difficult and there are no side mirrors to help navigating.

This is a Horning Ferry Marina boat.

This particular boat had just collided with the author of this article and refused to stop. Initially the hire boat company offered as little as £10 to cover the damage done to our vessel.

Fortunately we caught the hire boating incident on video and eventually the company paid out 25 times the inital amount.

Unfortunately this is an all too common occurence.

‘Clear Horizon’ once again. It is common to seee the same boat many times even though there are 120 miles of navigable waters. the boats are generally fully booked during high season.

This Barnes Brinkcraft boat above had just hit another private boat. Sadly also failed to acknowledge the impact until the crew realised they had been witnessed by multiple boaters. Everyone from hire boaters to private boaters. This is the popular but notorious Sutton Staithe and if you have a fancy boat? you can expect to be fending off non stop.

This is a Faircraft Loynes hire boat which was stuck under a bridge at Great Yarmouth. The current is extremely strong at this port and catches a lot of boaters out from novices to experienced boaters. It is the threshold between the north and south Broads where you will travel across Breydon Water.

This photo above was the south Broads. Notice the width of the river as they are much wider than the north rivers. The current is strong and it is likely that this vessel came into moor with the current behind them which is never recommended.

This is hire boat chaos at Wroxham Bridge on the River Bure. All hire boats except day boats must stop before they go through the bridge as a pilot is required to take their hire vessel through the low bridge.

If waters are high it is possible that passage through the bridge will not be permitted.

This is a typical Richardson’s hire boat. Ideally these boats should have pulpits. This would offer stability for crew to retrieve the heavy mud weights. It is likely that it is uneconomical for the hire boat companies to maintain stainless steel pulpits due to the high level of hire boat damage sustained.  

This is a Barnes Brinkcraft boat mooring up at Stokesby. There is a pub here called the Ferry Inn which also offers moorings but these are chargeable. The site originally featured a ferry to traverse the river many years ago.

A Barnes brinkcraft hire vessel in trouble. the strong current has turned the boat around.


This is a hire boat moored up at Reedham nearby to Sanderson Marine .

This was spring tide flooding on the River Yare.

Norfolk Broads Hire Boat

This is ‘Sapphire Light’ by Herbert Woods moored up near Sutton Staithe boat yard. It can sleep ten crew.

Norfolk Broads Hire Boat

A Faircraft loynes hire boat coming in for water or perhaps a pump out of the toilet system at Simpson’s Boatyard formerly Moonfleet Marine next to Stalham Staithe.

Norfolk Broads Hire Boat


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