Norfolk Broads Forum – Original Broadlands Classifieds

Welcome to the Norfolk Broads Forum – Original Broadlands Classifieds.

You have found the most recent forum but it would be rude of me not to tell you about the others.

There are indeed several Norfolk Broads Forums and each one offers something different.

This one you are on now is the most different as it comprises of two sections. The main section is the classifieds website aimed at the Norfolk Broads. This is primarily for boats that are for sale or wanted, fishing, riverside properties, and local businesses. The second section is known as ‘NBF’ is quite simply the blog associated with the main website. This blog is full of useful information. It is written by a long term Norfolk Broads pro liveaboard full-time boater.

I started this forum in 2017 and ran it very similar to others.

Basically offering information about the Norfolk Broads and encouraging healthy communication about these most beautiful waterways.

I bought my first Norfolk Broad’s boat in 2014. I then promptly went about living on my sailboat whilst nonchalantly cruising the rivers and waterways of what must be one of England’s finest marine gems.

It became apparent to me quite early on that there was a rather unpleasant prejudice towards liveaboards on the Norfolk Broads. It really festered on one particular Norfolk Broads Forum, It was because of this dark side to the Norfolk Broads and the anonymous activity that was condoned on this website that prompted me to start my own Norfolk Broads Forum.

I did just that and after two years of being able to publish my own experiences, findings, opinions, and concerns without censorship, I realised that I could do much more than just another Norfolk Broads Forum.

I decided to create a website with much more to offer its visitors and members alike. This is why after two years, I decided to start a Classifieds Norfolk Broads Forum. 

The Norfolk Broads has over 12,000 boats registered.

There are a lot more boats for sale than most folks realise. How many are tucked away and hidden from public view is anyone’s guess.

In addition, there are a lot of pubs, restaurants, boatyards, and fishing that exists on the Norfolk Broads and this forum is the best place to highlight these elements.

The Norfolk Broads has some incredible fishing and there is no website aimed at this hugely popular activity.

Earlier I mentioned that there were numerous Norfolk Broads Forums and you will find a list below which all link individually to these websites.

1. The Norfolk Broads
2. Norfolk Broads Network
3. Norfolk Broads ForumYou Are Here Now!
4. Broads Net 

You can see for yourself how these differ and deliver their own unique experience.

The first one is old school in many ways and the second in the list is more contemporary and quite similar to social media.
You will note that there are others after this one but I don’t see any activity online these days

So what actually is a forum?

1. A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.
2. NORTH AMERICAN – A court or tribunal.
3. (in an ancient Roman city) A public square or marketplace used for judicial and other business.

We place emphasis on the last definition as it is business and marketplace activities that we aim to promote through our own Norfolk Broads Forum Classifieds.

So this Norfolk Broads Forum has been created and administered by people who are on the waterways 24/7 365 days a year and have been since 2014.
It is not administered in a white ivory tower in a distant suburb somewhere very, very far away. It is brought to you from the Norfolk Broads itself

So there you have a little rundown on Norfolk Broads Forums and what is available and what this NBF is all about.

So what does this Norfolk Broads Forum offer you exactly?

This NBF offers you the opportunity to find boats, businesses, fishing, pubs, riverside properties and anything else that is tangible to the Norfolk Broads.
Furthermore, this website is FREE for everyone. The Norfolk Broads Forum is where you can post classifieds ads for FREE.

This NBF is open to private users as well as businesses. So if you a boater, broker, business or even an estate agent?

You can post totally FREE of charge here on the Norfolk Broads Forum.