Norfolk Broads Forums

Norfolk Broads Forums are quite an exclusive niche of the famous waterways and it is most likely the search term which has brought you to this article on this new Norfolk Broads Forum blog.

The purpose of this article is to give all readers the best user experience with their search for Norfolk Broads Forums.

This article is produced by the administrator of one of these Norfolk Broads Forums and one may initially expect this article to be biased towards this Broads forum, however, that does not contribute to the best user experience. Our aim is to create an understanding of what is available online for you and to assist you in getting the best information.

So Whats Available Online?

There are indeed a good few Norfolk Broads Forums and each one is quite unique in its own way. As it stands right now, there are three main Norfolk Broads Forums and any additional search results are likely to be Broads related directories, information websites and Broads forum related articles.

We will now do a run down of the Norfolk Broads forums. 

#1 – New Norfolk Broads Forum

New Norfolk Broads Forum

Firstly, we are going, to begin with, the newest Norfolk Broads Forum. This Broads forum was started in April 2017. This forum is a pro liveaboard Norfolk Broads forum.

We only seek to remove posts and members that harass, post profanity and are reported by other members. In two years, we have had to block just three members. 

It is the intention of the administrator that this forum promotes the Norfolk Broads, boating and the user experience of its readers.

This Broads Forum consists of three sections. There are a blog, classifieds and full functioning forum.


norfolk broads forum blog

The NBF blog is where all lengthy articles are posted. I am the administrator and have been living on boats on the Norfolk Broads since 2014. I have been here 24/7 365 days a year and as a result, I have a lot of photos, videos and experiences to share and this Norfolk Broads blog enables me to do this.


norfolk broads forum classifieds

The classifieds section of this Forum is designed at helping people to buy and sell boats on the Norfolk Broads and to help promote Norfolk Broads businesses and services.

Having been lucky enough to explore these wonderful waterways, it encourages me to help promote the Norfolk Broads to other people. There is something simply magic here on the rivers and Broads. As a result, it is the aim of this Norfolk Broads Forum to help any boater, business, or property owner to actively advertise without any cost to themselves.


norfolk broads forum

The forum itself is ideal for reading, micro posting and for others to share their thoughts of Norfolk Broads related issues. It is not set up to contest other forums, as they bring their own modus operandi to the internet. It is established to bring a more realistic perspective to a forum.

In my opinion, if someone is going to administer a Norfolk Broads Forum then the first prerequisite is actually to be on the Norfolk Broads in the first place, especially if they wish to wear the hat of a forum moderator.

How Is This Website Financed?

This forum is completely financed by the implementation of a moderate level of Google advertisements. These adverts finance the forum and its hosting costs and no further revenue is required. It is due to these adverts that we are able to offer 100% FREE advertising.

#2 – The Official Norfolk Broads Forum

the official norfolk broads forum

Is It Official?

Firstly, there is no such thing as an official Norfolk Broads forum and it is only right that readers are aware of this. This is not a criticism of this website but it is simply an observation. If this website was in any shape or form official, it would be a designated public authority and that website holds no authority and power as an official representative of the Norfolk Broads.

Apparently, the ‘official’ tag was introduced when the Olympics were held in the U.K. and has remained ever since

How Is It Financed?

It is financed by patrons through Paypal, paid advertisements from local businesses such as those listed below and also incorporates Google advertising.

  1. Hoseseasons.
  2. Waterside Marine Sales.
  3. Herbert Woods.

Is It Moderated?

It is also moderated by multiple individuals.


This website has a wealth of information available to online searchers. It also has some dedicated forum members who consistently post.

It has a large number of registered members and I believe it has been in operation for a few years.

Cons – Is This Site Safe?

Google Not Secure Website Sign

At the time of publishing this article, Google is flagging the website as, ‘not secure.’

How this actually affects its members or site visitors online security, I can not speculate. However, if Google warns that ‘any sensitive information such as passwords or credit cards could be stolen by attackers’, then I would strongly urge you to learn more by CLICKING THIS LINK.

Is The Website Mobile-Friendly?

This particular forum is not mobile friendly and often takes a long time to load.

#3 – The Norfolk Broads Network

This is a contemporary themed Norfolk Broads Forum with a lot of positive features making it much more versatile with modern smartphones and tabs.

How Is It Financed?

This forum features extensive advertisements from many local businesses such as those listed below.

  1. Swancraft & Shadow Boats.
  2. Waveney River Centre.
  3. Richardsons Boating Holidays.
  4. Wayford Bridge Inn.
  5. Barnes Brinkcraft.
  6. Freedom Boating Holidays.
  7. Brian Ward.
  8. JPC Direct.
  9. Richardsons Marine Services.
  10. Acle Bridge Inn.

It also has patrons who are able to make donations through Paypal.

Who Moderates The NBN Site?

The site states that the Norfolk Broads Network is run by volunteers. One can only assume that this primarily refers to the moderators.

Is It Mobile Friendly?

It is technically advanced and operates on all screen formats. The site also includes an Android and Apple app.

This NBN site loads quickly.

It has a large number of registered members and is updated daily.

Enjoy the Norfolk Broads Forums!