Learning To Sail

Buying a Boat

Learning to sail is what we intended to do. It is the Norfolk Broads and that was good enough for Nelson so it was good enough for me.

Restoring A Sailboat

Firstly, the best thing, to begin with, is to get familiar with your new boat and there is no better way to achieve this other than to restore it yourself.

Now the boat has been painted and we know it is good to go. The only thing left to do is t get it in the water and let us go earn to sail.

Learning To Sail

learning to sail is exactly the same as learning anything new. What I mean by this is you are starting in exactly the same place as every other human being that has ever walked this planet. Evert human being starts by knowing nothing, therefore, do not feel intimidated and do feel insecure by not knowing what to do.

Get out there and teach yourself, there is no greater teacher than experience and unless you experience then you will never learn.

We are not like animals, we are not born into this world with the ability to swim and walk almost immediately…we must learn and learning is something we are very good at. We are in effect able to learn just about anything.