Gatwick Off Airport Parking Explained

The first thing you need to be aware of with regards to ‘off airport parking’ is it is most likely going to the the cheaper service. It is cheaper in most cases not because of any lack in quality of service at all. Quite the opposite. It is generally less expensive because the airport car parks are actually off the grounds of Gatwick airport itself.
Do not let this worry you at all, as buses and shuttle services run day and night from the car parking compounds to both terminals at Gatwick airport, namely north and south.
Airport parking space at Gatwick airport is so much in demand that by just coming out of the airport perimeter any where between a couple of miles to up to 7 miles will save cash in the long run.
The only negative, if we can put it that way, is you have to allow more time when you travel to the airport as you will have to ferry that little bit further. In addition, on your return, it will take you that little longer to get to your car and be on your way home.
To best describe how Gatwick airport parking pricing is calculated, you could look at Gatwick as being like a dartboard. The closer you park your car to the bullseye, the dearer it will be.
Furthermore, the more you increase the level of service, then the more the price goes up.