Candle Heater Dangers

Candle heater dangers are the only real truth about these appealing devices. This is why in 2014 I made a flower pot candle heater video warning people about candle heater dangers.
In this article, I am going to explain to you exactly why these flower pot candle heaters are so dangerous.
To understand these candle heaters properly we have to comprehend how they are made up.
The very first thing you need is two terracotta pots. One fits inside the other and it insulates the other one.
Next on the list is the terracotta saucer. This is to stand your candles in, so they can burn.
The purpose of the eyebolt is not only to hold everything together but it serves also as a radiator. This metal eyebolt gets heated up by the candles and the heat is radiated out from that bolt.
Last on the list is the candles themselves. They are known as tea lights in the U.K. The rest of the world will have their own names but basically, they are paraffin wax candles.
When you light a tea candle, the wax is solid but within no time at all that wax turns into a liquid. When the wax melts into a liquid it turns into paraffin. It is just a liquid paraffin wax.
While that burns in the intense heat of the flower pot heater, it starts to produce a vapour. This vapour is not visible.
As the candles burn, the vapour and the heat inside the flower pots increases dramatically.
Everything seems fine whilst there is up to four candles burning away, creating a little bit of heat in the cold of the winter.
Now you are at a critical time.
You have liquid paraffin wax and you have paraffin vapour contained within a very hot flower pot.
It is ready to burst into flames.
If you’re wondering how I know this? I know this because it happened to me in 2014. I had a lucky escape and I walked away with my life.
Candle heater dangers are extreme, so please do not use them. They are lethal.
Flowerpot candle heaters do not work.
Do not put yourself at risk over an online idea that does not deliver in the first place.

Norfolk Broads Forum.