Berney Arms

Today we are at the Berney Arms, we are here all week. We have permission to be here because it is closed and we are keeping an eye on it.
Unfortunately, somebody set fire to it recently.
We are now going to give you a little tour.
The Berney Arms is one of the most remote pubs in Britain. It is remote because it’s on the edge of Breydon Water and it’s only accessible by boat, train, or by people walking. It’s about a five-mile walk here from Great Yarmouth and a similar distance from Reedham.
I’m trying to film without getting any noise from the Breydon Water.
I’m just going to show you around the inside now.
Many people have fond memories of this place and unfortunately, it’s now been vandalised.
Okay, let’s walk-in.
This pub has been here for many years, a very long time indeed.
As I say it’s only accessible by boat, or by foot.
I would have to imagine that with the plummeting higher boat trade over past decades and its remoteness makes it no longer feasible to keep it going.
This pub will be well known to many people because once you go across Breydon Water it’s a very good place to stop and wait for the right tides.
Now we are about to go into the actual main pub itself. Quite an eerie feeling coming in here.
‘Happiness is not a destination it’s a way of life’
Hmm, interesting.
Unfortunately, somebody broke in here at some point in the past and they set fire to it but by pure chance, it appears to have burned itself out. However, not before doing an enormous amount of damage.
I’ve never actually been in this place when it was open.
It is now April 2016 and I’m led to believe it was open up until November 2015.
What is particularly eerie is if you look at this clock here now, you can see the hour hand melted just past 9 o’clock so it gives you a rough indication when the fire might have taken place.
I believe many many years ago it was a thriving village in this area because you have got the Berney Arms mill down below. I think a lot was going on up here but obviously as time went by it only became a pub for the boats. When you consider that the private boats and hire boats are only here for a few months each year, then the winters must be very long.
I thought this tiled floor was rather interesting, it looks like it dates back quite a long way.
We’ll just exit the main pub.
The only thing that’s left here now is this pool table.
So that’s the end of the Berney Arms for a while I would imagine.
Somebody broke in at some point in the past and they took out a lot of copper tanks and what-have-you.
They also set fire to the place. However, they didn’t just set fire to one place.
This chalet here was broken into and someone then smashed the place up. You can see there are remnants of a drinking binge having taken place. The copper tanks were taken out of here too.
I believe this is now in one of the sheds of the obligatory squatters. This site has several sorts of boarding cabins and I think like that they were probably for the pub’s staff at some point.
Someone yet again saw it fit to vandalise this and as you can see it’s very smashed up.
This other one here seems to have survived but sadly it doesn’t stop here.
Unfortunately, this section here which appears to have been some sort of cafe at some point has been the centre of the arson and vandalism.
If I go right into the centre of it and I’ll tell you it stinks.
The whole place has been ruined now and for the time being at least, that’s the end of the Berney Arms.
Unfortunately, it’s all down to the Norfolk Broads economy and the pathetic actions of vandals.
I am sure many people will have fond memories of this place.
The Berney Arms future is unknown.