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Broads Authority Facebook Tide Tables

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Broads Authority Facebook Tide Tables

Post by JohnS » May 13th, 2018, 3:31 pm

(Relocated by admin to create separate new topic) :D

I have a question, well as much a suggestion as a question.
The BA post daily on Facebook, low tide times at the gyys for the day they are posted. I think this is a great service and very handy, especially as if the tides are held back, or any other information that may be relevant on the day can be given.
I do however think that perhaps it would be better to have the tides times given the day before? As anyone crossing Breydon should be planning ahead, I’m sure being able to look it up the evening before would be better for planning what time people need to leave their last stop or what time to get up. Also, I may have just missed it, but it seems on some bank holidays the tide times don’t go up on FB ? I’m guessing there’s probably more crossing when there’s a bank holiday weekend.
Not having a go BA just think perhaps it’s an idea worth exploring?

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Re: Thanks For The B.A. Forum Category Suggestion

Post by JohnS » May 13th, 2018, 3:42 pm

Hi again, sorry, just another point in tide times. Can it be arranged for next years tide booklet, for the low/high tide times be recalculated to be relevant at the Yacht station rather than at Gorleston? It seems crazy to have the datum set at Gorleston, then have to add an hour in for the gyys and then add another if you want slack? i know it’s a simple calculation, but I often meet people who miss time the tides by forgetting to add the hour, it’s really easy to do, in fact I’ve done it myself on occasion.
Thanks again

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Re: Broads Authority Facebook Tide Tables

Post by BEN » May 14th, 2018, 12:49 pm

I much prefer Shorebase choose your day, I like the zoned areas.
click on tides,
then choose your day,
then view the print page..

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