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Starting On The Rigging

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Starting On The Rigging

Post by Miles » January 17th, 2018, 2:51 am

Well, having had the mast down on my boat for what seems like an eternity, I have started working my way through the rigging for the mast.
I am using a website called Jimmy Green Marine which took my fancy as it has a rather simple build your own rigging order section.
When I got my boat the turnbuckles and rigging screws were not present and simple Dyneema cord was used. Initially, I thought they had most likely been pinched at some point but I quickly noticed that some hire yachts had the same setup as it prevents snagging on u-bolts when lowering the mast.
With all the new steel wire rope, rigging screws, Sta-lok compression fittings, mast fittings etc, it looks like it will be near on a grand in expenses, so it is certainly not a cheap refurbishment but necessary. Also not one that will be done in one go, my beer fund can't take that level of abuse.
The boat will be coming out at the end of the season for a full hull renovation with new cutlass bearing and whatever unexpected horrors might be laying underneath.
I honestly do not know how people afford to pay others to fix their boats up for them, as it is just soooooooo expensive.
⛵ Norfolk Broads Forum now features a blog, classifieds & forum ⛵

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