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Wildlife Trail Camera

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Wildlife Trail Camera

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Having seen so many deer this year I invested in a wildlife trail camera.
Wildlife camera used
My initial thoughts were it would work well on the boat too, as I could stick it on my mast.
If anyone broke in or I got whacked by another boat, then I would have it on camera.
On a regular boat I would have got a dashcam but its a sailing boat, so it needs to be an outdoors type.
The very first time I used it I tied it to a tree only about 25 metres back from the River Ant and I had nearly 40 ten second shots only two days later.
A good few rabbits and squirrels too I might add but muntjac in abundance.
Further down a few days later I started to get roe deer I believe but could be actually red deer as they are about and I want to get the males as they are a lot larger than people realise.
I will also be after otters soon.
I think we might be in for a freeze soon so might leave it till after Xmas. :roll:

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