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Royal Navy Superstition

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High Seas

Royal Navy Superstition

Post by High Seas »

There is a Royal Navy superstition that whistling on a ship can summon strong winds. Traditionally, the only person allowed to whistle is the ship’s cook, as it means he’s not eating the food.......also comes in handy when the lock on the head does not work.


Re: Royal Navy Superstition

Post by Spindrift »

I may be wrong but I have always been lead to believe that as a lot of commands on the old sailing ships were done with whistles. Somebody whistling a tune could confuse things somewhat. As time went on it became a superstition.

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Re: Royal Navy Superstition

Post by Waylander »

Bad luck to have a woman aboard too. Can't sail on a Friday or a Sunday. Changing the name of a ship is also bad luck. Can't think of any more at the moment.... Some will come to me.... Another saying; "Cold enough to freeze balls off a brass monkey" was something to do with cannon balls in a frame ( brass monkey?) that contracted in the extreme cold and the cannon balls fell out and rolled away... May be wrong on that..

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Re: Royal Navy Superstition

Post by Miles »

Whoever came up with the idea that having a woman on a boat was bad luck must have batted for the other side. The more women the better I say. :D :D :D

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