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The Real Heart Of The Norfolk Broads

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The Real Heart Of The Norfolk Broads

Post by Miles » November 29th, 2019, 4:23 pm

The Real Heart Of The Norfolk Broads is commonly known today as being Wroxham.
I think it's reasonable to state that Wroxham is the centre of tourism, however, it most certainly is not the heart of the Broads.
So I bet most of you are thinking it must be Norwich?
Well, that is almost true and you would be right in thinking this as after all it is a port and was only announced as debunkt by the local council within the past few years.
The truth of the matter is that Norwich Port should be regarded as the second in line heart of the Broads.
There is a little clue in the word, 'Norwich ' as that basically breaks down to mean, 'North', 'Port, Market or Trading Place'.
The original port was called, 'Venta Icenorum' and was located a few miles south of Norwich.
Here is a quote from Wikipedia.
Venta Icenorum (Classical Latin: [ˈwɛnta ɪkeːˈnoːrũː],[1] literally "marketplace of the Iceni")[2] was the civitas[3] or capital of the Iceni tribe, located at modern-day Caistor St Edmund in the English county of Norfolk. The Iceni inhabited the flatlands and marshes of that county and are famous for having revolted against Roman rule under their queen Boudica in the winter of AD 61.
Apparently, when the River Tas finally silted up the port was to be established in Norwich as you know it now.
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