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'Chandlers'...What's In A Word?

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'Chandlers'...What's In A Word?

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A chandler today is by most referred to as an establishment where one would buy boat bits, paint, fittings, dinghies...just about anything to do with boats.
However, its origins are far more interesting than today's often overpriced marine products. :D
The clue is in the french sound to the word.
From Middle English chaundeler, from Old French chandelier, from Latin candelarius (“a candle-maker; a candlestick”), from the Latin candela (“a candle”); compare the English term candle. - (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/chandler)
Being the chief producer and supplier of candles to the ships of times passed and other products too, the name has carried forth to the present time.
Although one may be likely to ask for some antifoul nowadays, a long time ago it would have actually been candles and soap.

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