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There is still a public right of navigation to Swafield

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There is still a public right of navigation to Swafield

Post by Miles »

Swafield is the area of the North Walsham & Dilham Canal where lock 5 & 6 exist.
In 1893 it was abandoned.
In 1912 the big flood destroyed areas of the canal and the areas beyond Coltishall were also heavily damaged.
In the 1920s attempts were made to repair the canal but by 1934 the plug was finally pulled and the canal was left to ruin.
Even though these are not tidal waters there is still a public right of navigation to Swafield, and there is a campaign to reopen it.
However, in the eyes of the Broads Authority it is not part of the navigational area and you are not required to pay boat tolls.
If there is a public right of navigation? Which according to Wikipedia exists, then despite its current state, it is indeed not the end of navigation at all.
Therefore, as one of the three purposes of the Broads Authority is maintaining navigation, I must ask why it is not on their to do list.
It can not be excluded because it is not tidal as technically speaking the navigational area stops too at Wroxham Bridge. The waters passed that bridge actually only flow one way. The tide appears to rise simply due to the collision of river water meeting the flow tide of the River Bure.
That is not tidal waters but is maintained by them, then why not the canal too?

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Re: There is still a public right of navigation to Swafield

Post by BEN »

IIRC, BA is only responsible to keep the navigations as they were when they took over... They're more interested in nature than boats anyway so they'd rather the canal be left for the ducks...

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