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What Is The Solution To Make The Norfolk Broads Safe For All Boaters?

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What Is The Solution To Make The Norfolk Broads Safe For All Boaters?

Post by Miles »

I can not say I have jumped on the National Park debate and derision of the covert sneaky way that all these National Park signs have popped up all over the place.

When I am able to see sunken eyesores left untouched despite environmental concerns and prolific overstayers not moved on...I really do not see any point in commenting on N.P. signs have been put up.

The days of the squeakiest wheel gets the grease is long gone.

When you are dealing with an unelected and undemocratic authority, who the hell is going to listen to a group of anonymous keyboard warriors?

Anyone who owns a boat on the Norfolk Broads knows exactly what the waterways are like in the high season and how this newly titled National Park is for many a no-go zone. Particularly in August or Easter weekend.

Imagine that? a no-go zone.

The reality of this situation is that what matters here on the Norfolk Broads is money.

There are some companies here which make enormous fortunes and because they make enormous fortunes other people benefit.

Sure this benefits local businesses, pubs, restaurants and many residents but who really gets the big slices of pie?

Furthermore, at what cost to other people do these fortunes get created? who suffers negative effects? The type of negative effects that get brushed under the carpet and blatantly ignored by the Broads Authority.

The only time you ever get to hear about the real statistics is when a brave journalist in the EDP decides to publish some shocking statistics namely about the number of accidents, collisions and damage that occurs. Then one can expect a career move to follow which I have witnessed before. The squeaky wheel does not get the grease, it gets relocated and the unregulated greed emerges once again turning a natural place of beauty into a national dodgem park.

The same occurs in the French Canals apparently. Although the private boaters are expected to have boat licences and the hire boaters are exempt. How convenient?

Personally, I think every motorised boat and sailboat on the Norfolk Broads whether it be private or hired should be helmed only by a licenced skipper.

Sounds a bit extreme but I bet most private boaters would welcome the idea and those that hire regularly might do too.

Let's face it if this was introduced and told it would start to say 2021, then it gives everyone wishing to hire time to get a skippers licence and it would also create a new income stream particularly here on the Norfolk Broads.

A new income stream, safer boating and fewer accidents.

That with the abolition of the collision damage waiver and the waterways would be safe for everyone which they are currently not.

For anyone who believes an introduction of a skippers licence would kill the hire boat industry, then I would suggest you look at how the hire car industry is affected by requiring licenced drivers to only be at the steering wheel. :roll:

Short Term Discomfort, Long Term Gain...
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