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Is This Legal?

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Is This Legal?

Post by Miles »

A temporary sign has appeared at Stalham Staithe imposing a 24 hour mooring restriction with what can only be described as a physical threat of having vessels removed from the Staithe if they overstayed.

Now, the reality of the situation is that Stalham Staithe has been a location of anti social boaters for an extended period of time.
It is no secret that this has upset many people from boaters to local businesses.

However, even though the Staithe has been abused in the past, is it acceptable for signs to be erected threatening to remove boats that don't abide by a 24 hour mooring?

There is no Broads byelaw to substantiate threats to remove boats and the council do not have any authority to physically remove boats without a court order.

Sensing this maybe an illegal vigilante sign posted by disgruntled residents I have contacted the mobile number and asked the individual named as Robert the following questions.

Hi Robert, just about to run an article on the Norfolk Broads Forum regarding the temporary sign at Stalham Staithe. Can you please answer a few questions? Firstly, what is your authority within the council to be erecting this sign? And finally to which Broads byelaw are you referring to when threatening to remove boats that have overstayed the arbitrary 24 hour period?
Kind regards, Miles Weston. Administration

As of yet I have had no reply.


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Re: Is This Legal?

Post by avg45 »

Hi Miles. Firstly A happy New year to you and yours. Is there a quoted bylaw on this sign? If not it has no legal basis. It would be nice though if we could get rid of the over stayers , but it must be legal. Seeing as it is not a BA maintained mooring I cannot see how this so called regulation can be enforced without involving the courts and legal system. :o :o :o :o :? :? :? :? :? :? :?

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