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To Liveaboard Or Not?

Living on the Norfolk Broads is a privilege & the Norfolk Broads Forum is pro liveaboard for residential and continuous cruiser related posts.
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High Seas

To Liveaboard Or Not?

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Well, I would start by watching these folks.

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Re: To Liveaboard Or Not?

Post by Terry »

This couple really inspire me. They've been living aboard in the Pacific for over 30 years on a boat they built completely themselves, and they have some fantastic footage from the 1980's onwards.
At one point in their series of videos, they tell their story from the beginning: how Julius, as an 18-year-old man escaped what was then Czechoslovakia and eventually made his way to the States where he fulfilled the great American capitalist dream, before turning his back on it all and, with his then 23-year-old wife Suzie (who quickly had to learn to weld), built this steel boat completely from plans with no prior experience and against many odds, moved onto it, and over the years cruised up and down the South and North Pacific.
Still doing it today; still putting up videos every week or so.
Now that's really living the dream...

I've got wild staring eyes, and I've got a strong urge to fly ... but I've got nowhere to fly to
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