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Why Blame The Otters?

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Why Blame The Otters?

Post by Miles » September 21st, 2018, 8:11 pm

I have grown tired of people blaming the otters for a drop in birdlife this year
It is a fallacy. :roll:
Otters will take birds including ones the size of geese, however, forget not that the Norfolk Broads is totally full of fish.
Also don't forget that the waterways are also full of fishing line and if you wish to see the effect it has on birdlife? Take a trip to Wroxham and just watch for ten minutes and you will see a suffering creature.
I understand the pike are quite fond of birds too and judging by the size of a dead one I saw floating down the river near Richardson's.... probably eat a dog too
⛵ Norfolk Broads Forum now features a blog, classifieds & forum ⛵

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Re: Why Blame The Otters?

Post by Scardinus » September 22nd, 2018, 9:39 am

Why chase a fish when there is a nest full of tasty eggs, seems to be low nesting birds in decline, plenty of herons about!
It's a surprise boats can get around with all this fishing line supposedly in the river, many hours spent on the rivers this year and not seen any of these suffering creatures, lucky to even see a feathered one at all!

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