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Re: Fishing Byelaws

Posted: December 3rd, 2019, 3:50 pm
by Miles
I came into Sutton Staithe a few days ago in a 13-foot boat with less than the 5-foot draught.
Lots of fishermen and the first one to come up had his line right across the channel. :roll:
I thought I can't get passed that and I heard him say something.
I turned my engine off and asked him to repeat. He said, can I stay in the middle? what middle he was referring to I don't know as the entire channel was blocked. Realising it was totally blocked I told him I was coming in just in front of him to moor.
I asked him if he was new to the area and when he questioned why I was asking, I reminded him that he just told me to stay in the middle and it was actually him who was in fact supposed to keep the navigation clear. :roll:
The best part was when I chatted to this bloke further he told me he actually worked for the Environment Agency in planning. :lol: I kid you not