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Carbon Footprint At Public Moorings

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Carbon Footprint At Public Moorings

Post by Miles »

Many now believe climate change is man made whilst others believe that ice core samples suggest it to be a natural cycle of action.
Whatever your opinion maybe on the subject of climate change, why is the Norfolk Broads exempt from pollution protection?
I find it quite hard to understand why such a beautiful location such as the Norfolk Broads is not protected environmentally?
Firstly all the bins went, so plastic pollution must be on the up.
Furthermore, I see some boats with plumes of smoke coming out of their exhaust and if that was on the M25, you'd get a ticket on the spot.
I had a chap running his engine a few weeks ago as he was waiting for an oil change at Sutton. Within 5 minutes, I had to come out of my cabin as his exhaust was making me sick.
I even told the chap that he was smoking me out and he continued to run his engine and made no attempt to move his boat.
I sat on the bench and could see the exhaust cloud travelling from his stern and entering my cabin like some menacing phantom.
I was totally lost for words by this chap's attitude and the level of apathy was shocking.
Now, this is not a one off, it goes on everywhere.
There is a private boat at Sutton called, 'Hobbit' and when that gets started up, people stop and watch because they wonder if the boat is on fire because it is that smokey.

Now, like many other boaters, I pull no punches when it comes to boats running their engines at public moorings.
In fact, I hate it when people do it.
It is totally unnecessary.
It is obnoxious.
It is offensive.
It is dangerous to people's well being with carbon monoxide poisoning.
It is a filthy carbon footprint.

Surely, whether you are environmentally concerned or not?
Stopping all boats running their engines at public moorings has got to be a step in the right direction of lowering carbon footprints and making the Norfolk Broads greener.

Don't make Greta cry...turn your boat engines off at moorings. 8-)

Short Term Discomfort, Long Term Gain...
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