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How Deep Are The Norfolk Broads?

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How Deep Are The Norfolk Broads?

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I understand the River Ant is regarded as being one of the most shallow areas on the northern Broads but how deep are the Norfolk Broads in different areas and where is it likely to be the deepest?

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Re: How Deep Are The Norfolk Broads?

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The area is 303 square kilometres (117 sq mi), most of which is in Norfolk, with over 200 kilometres (120 mi) of navigable waterways. There are seven rivers and 63 broads, mostly less than 4 metres (13 ft) deep.
Wroxham Broad has an area of 34.4 hectares (85 acres) and a mean depth of 1.3 metres. It lies to the west of the Bure, with two navigable openings between river and broad.
Water depths and navigation notes provided by the Broads Authority

Areas that I have had issues running around in a tri-keel sailboat with 1.1 draft are Dilham, Sutton Staithe #1, Stalham Staithe (very bad in places) and half way along River Chet at ebb tide.

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