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Swans And Bread

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Swans And Bread

Post by Miles »

If anyone has the inclination to Google feeding bread to swans they will discover any overwhelming suggestion that people should not be doing so.

There are organisations from the RSPB to even bird sanctuaries down under all stating.........NO!

However recently there have been posts on social media encouraging people to feed them bread because apparently they are starving. :roll:

I am not even going to comment on that last statement
because so many people quite frankly still believe the world is flat.

I would urge people to do their own research online and without sounding like a Trekkie........don't mess with the prime directive.

If anyone still believes they are doing the swans a favour and enhancing survival for them by feeding them bread? :roll: Then you might as well take a Big Mac down for your local otter and while you are there chuck a Mcmuffin at the Heron, poor bugger has been eating it's own natural diet for the past 15,000 years.

If the swans are starving to death, it is not because of any shortage of food. It is most likely that they have lost their instincts to go get some because everyone keeps chucking their crappy bread at them.

Go figure! If they have had hundreds of people on hire boats chucking bread at them and then suddely they all disappear........then it is most likely the swans don't know how to survive the way they should be in the first place.

This goes for all birds, as everyone has commented on how the bird population has decreased in just one year but instead it is easier just to blame it on the otters.

If you need any more proof?

Go to Hoveton/Wroxham and see how many swans are dying of starvation there.

None because all 60 +/- swans are almost spoonfed by humans 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Nature does not need help....

People do.

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Re: Swans And Bread

Post by BytheBroads »

In theory I totally agree however the Wroxham gang certainly through the busy summer season are the teenagers of the swan world, the non-breeding immature youngsters from 2017 who like any teen are lazy The breeding pairs are out on the marshes all summer and some still are.
Many of the problem birds are on enclosed urban lakes where they have no access to grass long enough to eat the signets are unable to just fly to feed as their parents would and unless the swan groups decide to transfer all of these urban specimens before they lay eggs the problem will exist. Do you really want to rob the unfortunate urban dwellers (human) of their little bit of pleasure?
Even the swan herd at Abbotsbury are encouraged to stay by many tons of wheat fed twice a day.
The organisation who started this should be aware of "Unforeseen consequences" something all to familiar these days

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